1. How long does a Style Coaching meeting take?

Dagmar devotes to each woman as much time as necessary. For your own comfort, please reserve a day for the session.

2. What language is used for the communication and during the meetings?

Feel free to choose any of the following languages – English, Czech or Slovak – according to your convenience.

3. Where do Style Coaching meetings take place?

Ideally at your place, so that you feel comfortable and we can sort out your existing wardrobe in relation to the outcome of the Style Coaching. If not, we can also meet at Dagmar&Style studio in the center of Prague. Please note that the meetings are not limited to the Czech Republic and Slovakia only as Dagmar travels to meet clients frequently.

4. How much does a Style Coaching meeting cost?

Please, send your request to info@dagmarstyle.com to get the latest price list.

5. What if I only want to go shopping with Dagmar?

Everything is possible. When your existing wardrobe is not sufficient for your needs, Dagmar will be more than happy to advice and spend time shopping with you. On top of that,  she also will teach you how to shop effectively – quickly, smart & with smile.

6. Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we would love to please your loved ones! Please, send your request to info@dagmarstyle.com and we will get back to you with more details.

7. What are the next steps?

Whether you want to attend a 1-on-1 Style Coaching session with Dagmar or just book her for a shopping trip, go to part Booking in the top menu and choose a date that is suitable for you. If none of the offered dates fits your schedule, please send an email to reserve@dagmarstyle.com to arrange a date individually.