Wearing color with confidence

Color can have a profound effect on how we look (and feel)! It can change a nice outfit into an outfit that is fantastic. It can help us look more confident, more attractive, younger, more self-assured and more creative. It also can make us appear taller, slimmer and healthier. But above all, fresher and more interesting!

Learning how to use colors successfully in our outfits will give us new opportunities to be creative with our style. Using the right palettes and shades in the outfit can gain positive attention and can communicate confidence and a comfortable sense of our own personal style.

So why not start with replacing Black with more ‚colorful‘ colors? They don’t have to be bold and bright. At the beginning, just reach for earthy and muted colors, such as brown, beige, and observe the change in your look (and feelings too).

I also add some inspiration for you to express yourself in your unique way!



One thought on “Wearing color with confidence

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