Style Session at DELL Bratislava

DellI had amazing time with more than 50 DELL ladies during our Style Session in Bratislava organised by DELL’s WISE – ‚Women in Search of Excellence‘ – Group.

And this is what the ladies said after the session:

“Dagmar brought a lot of positive energy into the room and during the session made us think about what styling actually means and how right styling can impact your influence on others and their perception of you. It’s not about the latest fashion trends, it’s rather about the natural you, your current body shape and choosing the right pieces and combining the right colors. A right piece of jewellery can do a magic too. We’ve learned that what we think looks good on us might not necessarily fit our natural type and black&white is not for everybody (as people think) either. Your own style, the one which fits you best and is natural to you, can make you more confident when doing business presentations as well as meeting others in your personal life.”

Style Session at DELL Bratislava

WISE with Dagmar Gabulova

Does wearing Gold or Silver jewellery make any difference?

WISE with Dagmar Gabulova

Snow white or Cream white?

WISE with Dagmar Gabulova

Also went through all body shapes and the ways to dress each of them

WISE with Dagmar Gabulova

Discussing colors

WISE with Dagmar Gabulova

Trying different color palettes

WISE with Dagmar Gabulova

The final photo with all smiling DELL Ladies. You were great, thank you for having me!


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